Flame & Fusion
Flameworked Glass by Loy L. Allen

Flame & Fusion
Flameworked Glass
by Loy L. Allen
HC 89 Box 184-A
Hermosa SD 57744
(605) 255-4032

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Loy Allen is a South Dakotan who returned to the Black Hills after earning a Bachelor of Arts in Design at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale in 1975.

After learning basic lampworking techniques in South Dakota, she studied in advanced glass techniques at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina.

Loy has been self-employed as a flameworker since 1979.

Here are some of Loy's comments on her life and her art:

My inspiration is the surroundings near my home in the Black Hills of South Dakota.I've studied and photographed the native flora of the South Dakota hillsand plains of South Dakota since I returned to South Dakota in 1976. My representational style is intended to affirm the beauty in the detail and design of nature, be it a wildflower, a dragonfly, or a wasp's nest. My pieces begin as clear or colored glass rods or tubes, varying in size from 4mm to 1 inch in diameter. I heat the rods in a propane/oxygen flame, forming the individual elements--stems, petals, leaves--by compressing, stretching and tooling the heat-softened rods. After the parts have been welded together in the flame, the finished piece is annealed in an electric kiln to relieve the stress created by various temperatures present during the assemblage.

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