1997 Mt. Rushmore Contest Results
If they could speak,

what would they say?

Mt. Rushmore National Memorial

The Contest

"If the Presidents of Mt Rushmore could speak or type:

1) what special advice might they give you?...in five words or less."
2) How might you use the internet to implement this advice?... in 25 words or fewer."

The Contest Closed 4/30/97

Here are the results!


Grand Prize
Multiple Entry
Black Hills
Honorable Mention
Co-sponsors & Prizes

Grand Prize Winner
Stand proud for your country.

I would make websites where I would ask questions like, "How do you show pride for your country?" Post good responses for everyone to see.

Michael M.
St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr, Chicago, IL
Grand Prize:
Mt. Rushmore Silver Dollar
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Multiple Entry Winner
How shall thou be remembered?

The days you were around
by horse your messages went.
But thanks to your advice on freedom
we now send them by Internet.

Let The World Hear You

Don't despair, if your words go by
with no one listening to your cry.
Get them down, get them read
put them on the Internet.

Costas Menico, L.I. City, N.Y.
Prize: Heart of the Earth Market Gift Certificate
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Book Winners /General Category
"Never stop learning."

The internet is a limitless source of information of all kinds. Use it every day to increase your knowledge.

Stan Shapin
Orange, CA
Even small men make differences

By freely giving your opinion and listening to others a vast amount of information can be shared. In doing this ingorance is wiped out and that is the first step to a better nation!

Jimmy Redger
Porterville, CA
" The Internet!
What Is That?"

I would develop internet software that would facilitate interactive communication with "all" former Presidents.

Mal Cohen
St. John, Canada
Head this way please.

Let everyone know what a great place this is to visit for everyone. It is more than just mt. with 4 heads.

Jen Embry, ?
Government should spend less!

Build one gaudy web page to highlight every dumb expenditure by the U.S. Government. Invite fellow Internauts to submit their Federal wastrel of the week.

John Clark
Chelsea, MA
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Book Winners/Student Category
Keep Liberty Alive.

I would compose and forward email to websites. Furthermore, I would create a website and send out the invitations so people can contribute ideas also. -Jakub A.

Treat all people equally.

I would send e-mail to schools telling about children being nice to each other regardless of their nationality, setting a good example to follow. - Raymond P.

The mind is powerful.

I would leave positive messages like this on the internet: "Anything you set you heart on, you can accomplish with the knowledge you have gained." -Lisa B.

We should be less prejudice.

I would construct a website on which Civil Rights history was told and then ideas on getting people to enact positive programs. -John W.

Keep peace in the world.

I would start a web page, and write all the things the Presidents said about how to keep peace in the world. -Linda M.

School Winner

The above entries are from students at
St. Stanislaus Bishop & Martyr, Chicago, IL
"St. Stans" wins a set of books for its library.

Stay in school! Study Hard!

It improves our ability to do research with the information now available. It enables us to share knowledge and ideas with others throughout the world.

-Stephanie L. Lampert
Makalapa Elementary School
Honolulu, HI
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Black Hills Area Winners
Try it one more time!

As the state-of-the art communications medium. continually re-empahsize in e-mail and web pages, that we have strayed from the course envisioned by the Founders.

Kevin Burt, Cheyenne, WY
Flame & Fusion Gift Certificate

Encourage cooperation. Cooperation will make the Internet most effective.

Don Burnap, Rapid City
Everything Prehistoric Gift Certificate
Implement campaign finance reform!

Circulate a referendum on the Internet for national legislation to allow contributions to politicians from their constituents only.

Richard James Murray, Rapid City
Everything Prehistoric Gift Certificate

Don't sell your birthright.

Spread the word: Americans' birthright is FREEDOM. Use the 'net to protect our LIBERTY and stop depending on government or anything that takes our birthright.

Gareth Barton, Rapid City, SD
Everything Prehistoric Gift Certificate
Resist, persevere, praise, stand.

I wouldn't.

Alan Aker, Rapid City, SD
Everything Prehistoric Gift Certificate

Arizona Winner
Expectations are premeditated resentments.

To fully utilize this data base and communication tool to discourage the prediction of outcomes for which I have no control.

Michael Denicole
Paradise Valley, AZ
Prize: Total Juice Gift Certificate

Business Winner
Stay hard as a rock.

I might go searching for stone statues, or put up my company's home page on the web.

Vinay Shah, San Jose, CA
His Home Page
F.L.A.G.S. Membership

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Honorable Mention
More entries will be added to this section in the days to come.
History repeats itself.

It requires no role on behalf of the internet or anyone else..It just happens. Have fun.

Jim Popovich, Rapid City, SD
(Also one of our judges whose entry was anonymous. Jim could not vote for himself.)

Life is worth fighting for.

Selling something? Be honest. Keep your promises. Maximize customer satisfaction.
Browsing? Thank those who's works you visit. Help them to improve.
E-mailing? Be responsible.

John K. Kagawa
Los Angeles, CA.

Honor thy country

Create websites for people who do like the goverment.

Sarah Elliott
Hatboro, PA
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Gus Hercules,
Consultant to Presidents
Mt. Rushmore Silver Dollar
Costas Hercules, M.D.
Autographed copies:
"Selfish-ians, Otherish-ites and
F.L.A.G.S. Foundation
Business Membership
Flame & Fusion
$50 Gift Certificate
(Black Hills Area)
Total Juice +
$50 Gift Certificate
(Phoenix, AZ Area)
Everything Prehistoric
$200 in Gift Certificates
(Black Hills Area)
Dr. Mary Ruwart
Copies of
"Healing Our World"
Dr. Don Davis
Dr. Roger Williams' classic:
"The Wonderful World Within You"
Doris Marie Strom
Autographed copies of her book
"In the Village"
Heart of the Earth Market
$50 Gift Certificate
Skillman's Bakery
Judges' Honorarium
3 loaves of bread
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Contest Judges
We thank our panel of judges.
Jim Popovich
Chief of Interpretation
Mt. Rushmore National Memorial
Former Mayor Ed McLaughlin
Rapid City, South Dakota
Rev. Larry Dahlstrom
Lutheran Pastor, ret.
Rapid City, SD
Judith Reedy Olson
Opportunities Unlimited
Career Learning Center
Rapid City, SD
Contest Coordinator: Gus Hercules, Consultant to Presidents